Temu̲ ar 'Mui IP? ip address

IP stands for internet protocol. Nu'bu̲ red pe̲ts'i 'nar 'mui IP ho̲ntho. The range of the IP address IP contains a range of addresses, the first number in a range simply network. The same IP address allows different devices to connect with each other in the same network.


Subnet has three service IP addresses:

  • subnet IP,
  • multicast IP,
  • default gateway IP. is a subnet IP address in this case.

Normally most devices don’t use as an IP address because once it is used as an IP address for the particular network and if admin tries to assign 192.168.00 to any device on the network as a static IP address, the entire network will shut down until the device is detached.

Theoretically, can be given to the specific device, if it has a very large address range. That’s the reason why devices with IP address ending with zero are normally not used.

There are a different range of

The size of the network depends on the selected network mask chosen.

There are 3 different range mentioned below:

  • 168.0.0/16: it ranges from to with around 65,534 hosts.
  • 168.0.0/18: it ranges from to with around 16,382 hosts.
  • 168.0.0/24: it ranges from to with around 254 hosts.

The broadband routers used at home runs on network normally have as their configuration, by that I mean that they commonly use as their local gateway address.


How works?

The decimal notations are converted into a human-readable format from binary numbers. The binary looks like (11000000 10101000 00000000 00000000).

Ping tests or any other connections from the internet or other outside networks of private IPV4 network address cannot be routed to it.

Can I assign to a network card of my Computer or laptop?

No! You can’t assign this address to any network device (even to your router) because in this case your network may function badly and you may find various network-related problems. The nearest example: your device may be not accessible over the LAN (red área ja).

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