How to Change Converge Wi-Fi Password

How to Change Converge Wi-Fi Password

converge wifi password Converge ICT (formerly called ComClark) was a company that offers optical fiber internet as well as Cable TV service. It is located in the Philippines and was established in 2007. The business continues to “growing” very fast, and it is predicted that it will have a million users within the next few months.

converge wifi password

If you’re one of the potential or current users and you also have a Cisco, Huawei Fiberhome, ZTE routers make sure you go through this article. You will be able to modify your Converge WiFi Password and it’s among the most crucial things you need to take care of when you are setting new routers for the first time.

Information about the Router

If you want to change your username or username, the first step is to be aware of what the IP address for your router is by default as well as your default password and username. The easiest method to find the information you need is to look at the label on the bottom on the back of your router. Another way to find this information is to use the control panel. Follow these steps:

  • It is necessary to hit the Windows button as well as the R key on the keyboard. R at the top of the keyboard simultaneously.
  • This will open the RUN window. enter CMD, and then click OK.converge wifi password
  • Input IPconfig, and then confirm by pressing Enter.
  • In the default gateway, you will find your router’s the default IP for your router.

How to Change Converge Wi-Fi Password for ZTE Router (ZTE F670)

  1. The first thing to do is start typing in your internet browser.
  2. Next step, you must sign into your account. This is done through entering USER within the user name textbox. The username will be the same password for the username USER. USER.converge wifi password

After logging in, go to after logging in, click the Network menu tab.You have now changed you SSID Name (your networking name) This is done this in the standard SSID settings.

You must alter your WPA passphrase in your security options. When entering your password, choose an authentication option (the most secure one is WPAor WPA2.).

Once you’ve completed all that, you have to click “Submit” in order to successfully change your password.

How to Change Converge Wi-Fi Password for Huawei Router (Huawei EG8245H5)

  • You must enter in your internet browser.
  • Enter the default login details (Username: root administrator, password admin , or adminHV).

After logging in, will be directed into the router’s control panel. Navigate to Advanced Settings, and then choose WLAN. Within the WLAN dropdown menu, select WLAN Basic.

After that, you must choose WPAThen, you need to select WPA WPA2 to be the authenticating method and then Enter your pre-shared Key (this can be your password you must change).

Click Apply, then leave the page.

How do I change the Converge Wi-Fi password for Fiberhome

  1. Within the address bar of your Internet internet browser, you can type
  2. It is essential to fill in the default data to register:

Usernames: user1, user2.

Passwords: user1234 User1234, user12345.

  1. In this stage, you have go to”Setup Interface”. Interface Setup.
  2. Then, click on the Wireless tab.
  3. After you’ve done all of this, you are able to change your password in the Pre-Shared Key section. You can also alter the network’s name (SSID Section).
  4. Click Save, then log off.
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It is also important to be aware that once installing Converge Internet the routers and wi-fi are able to use the default passwords. In this regard, it is important to be aware that anyone with technical skills can sign in to the Converge wi-fi using the default administrator details (username as well as password). This is why and to secure your Internet we recommend to ensure that you change the default password.


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